Morie Musings

the cryptomories team

Sixth FaMorie Resident, Dude Dilligence

We are thrilled to announce Dude Dilligence as the sixth FaMorie Residency artist! You may know him from his prolific Morie memes, the recent rash of LFG Mories on your timeline, his great beats, or as the artist behind SUBKOLOR...

the cryptomories team

Fifth FaMorie Resident, Rexhanif

We are thrilled to announce Rexhanif as the fifth FaMorie Residency artist! You may be familiar with his talents from his incredible work in the recent BuildAMorie contest which he won...

the cryptomories team

CryptoMories x

Today marks a historic day in NFTs. CryptoMories becomes the first NFT in history to be institutionally adopted as an employee benefit. has bought and distributed a Morie to each employee, allowing them to access the groundbreaking utility, free teletherapy and mental wellness tools provided by Impact Suite.


Introducing Morie Island

Ladies and gentlemen, Mories and Spikies, New world citizens and SAMOS spirits, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful, the legendary, the warm and cosy, the creative, exciting, beautiful, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIE IIIISLAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!


Community Update

It took us some time to realize this and some more to figure out how to build it. We wanted to fully embrace the web3 mentality without falling for its fairy dust or for the basic traps of web2. In other words, we wanted to find a way to truly involve our communities while being able to fulfill our own vision.

the cryptomories team

Fourth FaMorie Resident, Papadjofranck

We are thrilled to announce Papadjofranck as the fourth FaMorie Residency artist! You may be familiar with his talents from his fantastic "vandalized" Mories in his signature graffiti inspired style.

the cryptomories team

More Impact Suite!

Our agreement with Impact Suite to provide mental health services to all Morie holders has been renewed for six more months!

the cryptomories team

Happy Morieversary!

This first year has been an amazing journey and it would not have been possible without you, the incredible and kind FaMorie. We want to take this time to thank, celebrate, and reward you all! We have arranged a few contests, activities, and giveaways to help celebrate this amazing year and get some prizes out to the FaMorie!

the cryptomories team

First Anniversary + World Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th 2022, marks both the one year anniversary of the CryptoMories mint, as well as World Mental Health Day. It is truly a remarkable coincidence these events fall on the same day; while CrypoMories did not start with a mental health focus, we have proudly become a mental health leader in the Web3 space.


Project update

As you already know the marketing strategy we had at the creation of the Mories was focused on art and the artist iwwon. The creation of BAYC introduced to the space extended roadmaps as we know it today and pfp projects became brands. We have been working on how to make the Mories and the overall "iwwon project" brands that would be sustainable in all markets, including web2.

the cryptomories team

Third FaMorie Resident: Amorphous Ant

We are thrilled to announce Amorphous Ant as the third FaMorie Residency artist! You may already be familiar with his work from his amazing Morie derivative series "What Do You Love", where he drew derivs of people's Mories doing activities the holders love.

the cryptomories team

CryptoMories x Impact Suite for all of Web3

Providing free teletherapy to all Mories is something we are truly proud of pioneering in this space.

the cryptomories team

TsunamMorie Games #3: Morie Munchies

The TsunamMorie Games continue, the journey to Morie Island begins, unless...


FaMorie Derivs: Further Supporting Community Artists

Announcing a new way to further support our FaMorie Artists using the FaMorie and Friends (ERC-721) contract.

the cryptomories team

Second FaMorie Resident: zneb076

We are thrilled to announce zneb076 as the second FaMorie Residency artist! You may already be familiar with his work, as it appears all over our twitter and discord; he created our popular welcome banner, mini-mories, our official NYC.NFT poster, and much more. But now we have an opportunity to get to know the man behind the adorable art a bit better.


An Update on the Games, and the Token

As promised, here is an update about what is going on behind the scenes. We have been working hard to figure out how to execute our tokenomics. We want our token to be as useful as possible, and owners to earn as much of these tokens as they can.

the cryptomories team

First FaMorie Resident: Dr. Grinspoon

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Grinspoon as the first FaMorie Residency artist! You may be familiar with his work from when iwwon featured a derivative by Dr. Grinspoon as his pfp on twitter, or from his fantastically original Herbs collection.

the cryptomories team

CryptoMories Care: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the CryptoMories want to celebrate by sharing our incredible partnership with Impact Suite with other communities focused on creating a more kind, inclusive, and welcoming Web3.


A Statement from Iwwon

As an artist, I never know what is going to happen. I love the magic. I love looking at an artwork I made and thinking: β€œthis is amazing. If I had tried to plan this, to imagine it prior to making it, I would have failed and it would have been bad." Art is my way of experiencing god. Some go to church. Some pray at home. I create.


CryptoMories NFT Provides Groundbreaking Mental Health Utility in Partnership with Impact Suite.

CryptoMories, an NFT project focused on mental health advocacy, has partnered with Impact Suite to provide access to their suite of mental health wellness apps, including unlimited teletherapy sessions, for US based holders at launch with service extending worldwide in the future.


!welcome Home, !fren.

If you spend more than 10 minutes in the #general chat of the CryptoMories Discord, you’re more than likely going to see the following GIF: 3 Mories standing in front of a giant doorway for just a moment before they throw it wide open to reveal a room full of… well, people.


Fake Mints, Self Custody and the Blockchain

Self custody is one of the most powerful aspects of blockchain technology, but comes with great responsibility. One misstep could see you lose your assets. Everyone knows to keep their wallet’s seed phrase safe, but protecting your seed phrase is only half of the battle.

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