FaMorie Roadmap 📍

Below is our FaMorie Roadmap. The CryptoMories have always responded to the needs of our community in a living and malleable roadmap while iwwon continues to develop the broader iwwon project. The following includes our accomplishments since launch as well as all of our future plans for the FaMorie moving forward!

October 2021

CryptoMories LaunchMint

  • CryptoMories Launch: Project launched October 10th for .02E each.
  • Raffles: First 200 Mories raffled for sale at mint price.
  • Mories of the Month: A way to acknowledge and celebrate awesome members of the FaMorie. Recognized by their FaMorie or by the team for being pivotal parts of the community.
November 2021

Growth and Focus

  • Mental Health Mission: When the team shared stories of their own struggles with mental health, we came together to make it our mission. Morie-Help-Morie and Recovery Discord channels were born and put in place to bring the community together and help support one another.
  • Thanksgiving Auctions: 25 Mories auctioned, raising $50,000 for mental health services.
  • Mental Health Provider Search: First contact with our future provider partner.
  • Allow List Access: As the NFT landscape switched to grinding for WLs, we’ve provided the FaMorie with as many opportunities as we can. Alien Friends, Psychedelics Anonymous, 3Landers, WoW Galaxy, Quirkies, Dippies, and many more.
December 2021

IP Rights x Merch 1.0 x NFTX Liquidity Pool

  • IP Rights: Granted IP rights to all holders; full ownership of their Mories..
  • Merch 1.0 Drop: Launched first round of CryptoMories merch at the famoriegiftshop.com.
  • NFTX Liquidity Pool: Launched CryptoMories liquidity pool where you may sell and swap Mories on nftx.io
January 2022

New World Order Launch x 5k Unique HoldersMint

  • NWO Launch: Each Morie received a free claim of an “iwwon masterpiece” as part of the New World Order Collection.
  • 5k Unique Holders: The FaMorie continues to grow.
  • Twitter Blue Commercial: CryptoMories were featured in the official Twitter Blue Launch and commercial alongside BAYC, CryptoPunks, WOW, Deadfellaz, and more. Watch here Twitter Blue Commercial
February 2022

FaMorie and Friends x “Bakin” Music Video

  • FaMorie and Friends: ERC-721 contract created where FaMorie artists made original works, derivatives that were commissioned and have been given back to the community.
  • Second NFT Appearance In A Music Video Ever:: CryptoMorie #7397 featured in Desiigner’s “Bakin” music video, also featuring Bob Saget in his last appearance. Watch the video and read the write up over at Bob Saget’s Last Role: A Bacon-Flipping, Cash-Catching Chef in a Desiigner Music Video
March/April 2022

First Tsunamorie Games

  • Tsunamorie Games: Games, prizes, competition, and camaraderie. TsunaMorie Games will occur regularly and take many forms, but always focused on uplifting and rewarding the FaMorie. Prize packages for the inaugural Games:
    • 1st - Samos Potion, 2 Mories, 2 Ledgers, 2 NWO, 1 Morie Derivative
    • 2nd - iwwon 1/1, 2 Mories, 1 Ledger, 1 NWO, 1 Morie Derivative
    • 3rd - Halloween Morie, 1 Morie, 1 NWO, 1 Morie Derivative, 1 Ledger
    • 4th - 1 Morie, 1 NWO, 1 Morie Derivative, 1 Ledger
    • CardNight: 1 Mories + 4 NWO
April 2022

Mental Health & Wellness

  • Therapy: Finalized partnership with Impact Suite to provide free teletherapy services and access to their suite of wellness apps for all Morie holders and their immediate families. Initial rollout US based; global expansion forthcoming. Be kind to yourself, with Impact Suite.
  • Samos Potion: A potion to use on any of your NFTs and iwwon will create the Samos version. Only 8 will be in rotation & able to be won, with the first being the grand prize in the TsunaMorie Games.
May 2022

MorieLand x Artist Residency

  • NFT Worlds MorieLand: NFT World custom built for the FaMorie with exclusive Morie access. Featuring games, Morie meeting places, art galleries, and more. The possibilities are endless when Mories come together, you never know what treasures you may find.
  • FaMorie Residency Program: A platform to showcase and foster artists within the FaMorie. Each month an artist in our residency program will be compensated, provided a platform for showcasing their work, and have the opportunity to mint pieces on the FaMorie and Friends contract. We are excited to celebrate our talented community!
  • Morie Stories Podcast: Get to know your FaMorie and share your story! This podcast is focused on getting to know the people behind the PFP and addressing how “Memento Mori” helps us live our lives more beautifully. We hope to highlight our wonderful community members - contact Andy for information on how to be a featured guest!
June 2022

NFT.NYC 2022 x Merch 2.0

  • NFT.NYC 2022: First FaMorie gathering! Wen iwwon? Meet iwwon, the team and the FaMorie in person at Morie exclusive events with surprises, prizes, and special guests. NFT NYC for our first IRL event! Getting the FaMorie together and doing it big with our friends...even KotaTheFriend. nft.nyc
  • Merch 2.0: Comfort and classic, a way to rep the FaMorie. We always aim to make our merch affordable and accessible and this drop will be no exception.
July 2022 & Beyond

The Future

  • We're looking to include the FaMorie as much as possible. DM us if you'd like to share your own ideas!
    • Monthly Tsunamories
    • Metaverse Integrations
    • Pixel Mories
    • Limited Edition and Trait Gated Merch
    • Partnerships, Collabs, and Allow Lists Access

Ongoing | iwwon project 💀

The iwwon project began before CryptoMories with Los Samos and has not stopped since. iwwon continues to bring to light his vision of an interconnected game universe. While he is crafting the experience and perfecting the tokenomics, we will continue to uplift, reward, and enrich the FaMorie. Having fun, supporting one another, and continuing to give back to the FaMorie are at the heart of everything we do while the larger plan comes to fruition.

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