CryptoMories x Law City

CryptoMories x Impact Suite

Today marks a historic day in NFTs. CryptoMories becomes the first NFT in history to be institutionally adopted as an employee benefit. has bought and distributed a Morie to each employee, allowing them to access the groundbreaking utility, free teletherapy and mental wellness tools provided by Impact Suite. affirmed that because of the reputation of our community - for it's love and kindness - that a deal was sealed. Together we hope to elevate the entire web3 industry and show the world that NFTs are more than jpegs. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with building a future in web3.

LawCityโ€™s decision to provide mental health-related NFTs to its members was inspired by the continued mental health struggles faced by lawyers and staff at large and small law firms alike

Check out's press release (quoted above) to hear more from their perspective

Mories = Free Therpay by Kuba Kurczak II
Mories = Free Therpay by Kuba Kurczak II
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