Introducing Morie Island

Gmorie FaMorie!!

We are lucky to have extremely talented and clever artists, business owners, and thinkers amongst members of our community. And it is time that we start building together.

Each week we will introduce a topic for us to work together.

All discords will be rearranged to be more fun, more simple, and to enhance the sharing of information and building of each project.

Councils have been elected. They are the guardians of information. What they hear they will share with the team in the company's discord. The team will transfer those informations in each project discord so that everybody has access to what has been thought of. They will update the channels so that no energy is wasted on ideas that have already been worked on. Each topic will be divided into two channels. The first one is the one on which the teams arrange the information for everybody to see. It can only be modified by the team. The second one will be the brainstorming one. Share as many ideas on twitter. Bring inspiration to people from other communities to join us. But don't forget to write it down in the discord so that we can add your idea to the list. If you don't, the council is there for you.

The most important part of our strategy and business plan is to have a mean of revenue outside of NFTs. Something less volatile and more universal, which we decided would be a game. A real fun game. Not just something for degen connaisseurs, and not a copy of something existing. Therefore we believe it is logical for us to launch the series of weekly topics with one about the game.

So ladies and gentlemen, Mories and Spikies, New world citizens and SAMOS spirits, allow us to introduce you to the wonderful, the legendary, the warm and cosy, the creative, exciting, beautiful, MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIE IIIISLAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!

Morie Island first look
Morie Island first look
That felt good.

Morie Island is the main island of an archipelago of tropical volcanic islands. The stadium shape of the volcanos allows Mories to play their favourite game (it's a surprise, don't ask).

And since Mories love to play, they decided to set up their town inside the volcano. It is more convenient to play as much as they can while dealing with everyday life. Memento Mori.

The town's architecture is a mix between traditional tribal houses with a south american vibe, mixed up with a lot of cyber stuff. See how Cuba seems lost in time? Well imagine a place like Cuba in a thousand years. Well cyber flying scooters and flying cars are everywhere, but they are what the rest of the world had 200 years prior.

Many easter eggs and sculptures can be found. As well as unbelievable waterfalls and alien like landscapes.

A hall of fame for most remarkable FaMorie members, a museum for FaMorie artists. The town is full of amazing places. Without mentioning the secret passages and portals…

Some of the topics we are going to discuss in the coming weeks are weapons, vehicles, and more gameplay precise topics. We will also start introducing quickly marketing and communication topics, as well as utility topics.

But for now we want something a bit general so that we can experiment the new discord set ups and adjust to the council.

So this week's topic is:
What do you want to see in Morie Island?
  • A museum of history of Mories? From DMCAs to funny anecdotes?
  • A community hall where information about where to spend our utility token in real life at Morie owner businesses?
  • Some warning signs about Tsunamories?
  • Giant trampolines to travel quickly from one place to the other?
  • A circus with Showman Morie doing his show?
We want extraordinary. We want fun. We want creativity and madness. We want you to think about every amazing and funny things that have happened last year to Mories, Spikies, NWO and Samos and tell us about how you think we could/should integrate them in the island to make it a place in the metaverse like no other.

But remember, it is not just a place to go shopping and hang with friends... It is also the location of the most amazing game of all time.. so don't forget the game level and gameplay aspect, put your degen brains in god mode and LET'S FUCKING BUILD!

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