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Our Wiki is currently being compiled and will be launching soon.
Check back in a couple of weeks.

Our wiki will become the main repository for all project information. As we build this out, we'd love feedback from the community, and community contributions. Please don't hesistate to reach out to the team if you're interested in contributing to the wiki, or guest Morie Musings.

What are the CryptoMories?

From the Latin saying “memento mori”, which means remember you die, the Mories are (10,000) little skeletons here to remind you to live your life to the fullest. They have big personalities that can match with their owners, all the while making great profile pictures. The community is all about kindness, supporting one another, and positivity. We all grow together. Mories have grown organically and built solid foundations by leaning on one another and become not just friends, but a FaMorie.

When was mint/cost?

October 10th 2021, .02Ξ

How do I check if my Morie has an unclaimed NWO?

To see if your morie still has an NWO to claim check at:

What are adaptive traits?

Adaptive traits are an iwwon innovation, first appearing it the CryptoMories project. An adaptive trait is when the same trait appears differently on a Devil or Zombie, conforming to their unique features.

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Adaptive Trait Examples

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