Fourth FaMorie Resident: Papadjofranck

Papadjofranck deriv

We are thrilled to announce Papadjofranck as the fourth FaMorie Residency artist! You may be familiar with his talents from his fantastic "vandalized" Mories in his signature graffiti inspired style. He is also extremely generous with his talents, having vandalized dozens of Mories already and collaborating with fellow FaMorie artists.

In fact, to transition from our previous resident artist, Anthony, to Papadjofranck, they have created an amazing collaborative piece, perfect for use as a Twitter Banner, seen below.

Papa + Anthony Banner Collab
Papa + Anthony Banner Collab #2

Where are you from?

I was born in Malta in 1977 and moved to Ivory Coast in 1985. We had to leave in 1990 and landed in France, on the border with Switzerland, a beautiful place with lakes and mountains. I spent my college years in Lyon, mainly doing graffiti haha, studying and enjoying. Eventually, i got a job, selling coffee. But after years in the corporate world, had to change my lifestyle. I wanted to get back to my “roots” and come back to my hometown in 2008. I consider myself very lucky to have my family and best friends close to me.

Vandals Group Shot

Tell us a little bit about your art journey prior to NFTs?

Discovered graffiti in 1993. Focused a lot on lettering and vandalizing too. But i paid for that. And have no regrets. The Graffiti dimension is unique. The connections all over Europe, the friendships and values shared. Trust. Respect. Humility. Once you get the virus, it’s forever. I kept on spraying walls until 2007, then painted only once a year or so…Office and Family had taken over…and i only got back into creating in march this year, when i finally got an Ipad.

Skull by Papadjofranck

How did you discover NFTs?

My little brother gifted me my Forever Morie last Xmas. He had been talking to me about the FaMorie, about how exciting this space is, for months. It took me some time to learn how it works, and how they could be used IRL and in the metaverse.

Did you understand the potential of NFTs right away? What ultimately convinced you?

No, but when i started to learn about the free teletherapy offered by Cryptomories, i realized the bridge the NFTs could be between digital and real life. Also, when i realized the possibility for artists to sell directly to collectors. I believe NFTs are some kind of another media for artists in general.

What was the first NFT you purchased?

It was a another Cryptomorie. Being a father of two, i thought i needed second one. My Mories are Forever Mories.

Papa doing graffiti

What has inspires you about the NFT space (people, things, ideas…)?

The Art first, and always. My favorite collections, amongst many, are Cryptomories, The G.C.G, Deadfellaz, and the Apes. But there are so many other amazing artists and collections. Grinspoon for example. That man is so talented !

The support and love shown encourages me so much that I can’t wait to give back all the Love!

Vandals side by side

What are you goals/dreams for the next few years?

I just want to keep on learning, having fun and producing as much art as i can !

Amorphous Ant's Morie #1689

What about the Residency excites you the most?

I have a very special relationship with the Famorie. The support and love shown encourages me so much that I can’t wait to give back all the Love! I have been doing mainly derivatives for various collections, and will still propose in the future. The residency will also be an opportunity to show my personal work.

What is your favorite Morie trait?

The eyes. All of them.

What is your favorite Morie?

I love the Naked Devil with the Cool Cat hat so much ! But actually, impossible to choose just one.

Papa graffiti work
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