Project update

As you already know the marketing strategy we had at the creation of the Mories was focused on art and the artist iwwon. The creation of BAYC introduced to the space extended roadmaps as we know it today and pfp projects became brands. We have been working on how to make the Mories and the overall "iwwon project" brands that would be sustainable in all markets, including web2. In that order, we believed necessary to create a parent company to handle all activities we have been doing and wrongly branded as iwwon's.

We have worked on the strategy, logos, budgets, branding, communication, press, products, merch, and overall organisation. This is a long and delicate phase, especially since working on two games at the same time. However we are satisfied with what we have and are very confident. We are in process of hiring a company to handle all the graphics and websites. All collections, including art ones and SSF will be included and impacted by these changes.

Morie Concept Art in black and white
Morie 3D Concept Art
One of the major aspects of this rebranding is the concept evolution of the Mories. Mories have been created to look good as a PFP. They are flat and logo like. However, we believed it was necessary to go through a new phase of research for what the Mories look like to better fit games, animation, merch ( plushies and toys) and graphics for communication. We have hired 3 concepts artists to work on this, two of them having worked for Pixar and Disney.
Morie Concept Art in color
Morie 3D Concept Art
As you know we are working on two games ( G0 and G1). Game zero backend is done and frontend work has started two weeks ago. Dev has started on game 1 and we will updated you everytime the evolution is worth sharing.

We will release the new websites, the market place, the token distribution and game 0 at the same time.

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