Community Update

Gmorie FaMorie!!

The time has come for us to take over the world. ( insert peaceful laugh)

And we need you.

Your amazing and clever use of IP rights, as well as you creativity with memes and derivitaves has been a huge help for the growth of the Mories.

But it is time for more.

The Council by iwwon
The Council by iwwon
Some of you have continuously supported the Mories, by being extremely active and positive on twitter and discord, sharing news, spaces, and love.

There is no right word to express how much we are grateful for what you are doing.

And we want to give you more power.

As you know we started this whole journey as a video game studio. Excited about this new NFT technology, we decided to have fun and experiment with the blockchain, at a time where communities and roadmap did not exist. But the space changed rapidly and evolved in a way we never could have imagined. We suddenly had the potential to build the studio of our dreams.

It took us some time to realize this and some more to figure out how to build it. We wanted to fully embrace the web3 mentality without falling for its fairy dust or for the basic traps of web2.

In other words, we wanted to find a way to truly involve our communities while being able to fulfill our own vision.

DAOs are fantastic but we have yet to find the right opportunity to set one up. However we believe there are many other ways to have our communities involved in the construction of our future and to collaborate with the amazing talents and resources they have.

We thought about some fantastic tools that we want to build. But until the games and websites are finished, we can't make those a priority.

What we can do, and must do, is to gather as much brains as we can and facilitate communication for ideas so that we can start building all together and have a chance at building stuff we never would have had the idea alone.

Our first step towards that goal is the creation of company discord. This discord reunites moderators, community managers, as well as artists and coders from all projects and art collections for which the studio is deeply involved i.e Mories, Spikies, NWO, SAMOS, and all those to come. The goal is to share ideas and resources and save a lot of time, funds and energy. As we are building our own ecosystem, it is also to enforce the links between projects and have success and growth for each of them feed the other.

The second step is the creation of the council.

We want the most invested and supportive members of our communities to join us in this discord. They will have direct access to the team, mods, artists and coders of all projects, which allow ideas and wishes from their community to be shared at a deeper level. Team members like coders will have a chance to directly hear community concerns without community managers having to be an intermediate. Community ideas will have more chances to reach the team without the need to ask for meetings or anything that makes any idea complicated to communicate. Moreover, members of the council will have access to a lot of information that they will constantly share with the rest of the community, taking of the pressure on the teams to make announcements while still letting the community know how the projects are going.

We believe this might be the missing tool for all of us, founders, artists, mods, and community members to have fun, to create, and to bring so many genius ideas into the projects that no other will be able to compete with what we are creating. The amazing thing about this is that council members have nothing more to do than what they are already doing. Except handling more fun.

As council members will have direct access to the team, we will decide who we want it to begin with. We want people active on twitter, that have always supported the projects they are involved in, and that are kind.

The goal of all this is not only to involve communities and to grow. It is also to bring back fun and positivity into our projects, and into this space.

We want you to think about who you would better fill this role. We need members from all projects:

-Samos, Mories, Spikies, and NWO.

Next Tuesday we will announce who are the first members to join the council.

And next Thursday we will introduce Morie Island, features of our game, and start brainstorming altogether about what we want to see there that we have not thought about.

We will keep on adding topics such as marketing, communication, and utility until the games, website and other tools are dropped and for as long as it takes to reach Mars ( fuck the moon).


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