Happy Morieversary!

Mories Care

This first year has been an amazing journey and it would not have been possible without you, the incredible and kind FaMorie. We want to take this time to thank, celebrate, and reward you all! We have arranged a few contests, activities, and giveaways to help celebrate this amazing year and get some prizes out to the FaMorie!

We will be hosting a Legendary Thursday Space on October 13th which will have announcements about various winners from the weeks activities, as well a stories and reflections on this first year and general great FaMorie vibes; so make sure to tune in! See below for full details, and check the Twitter and Discord for additional announcements of activities throughout the week.

Holder Appreciation Raffle

All holders (snapshot taken October 9th 2022) are entered into a raffle for the following prizes:
  • Open Skull Morie
  • Samos Potion
  • More Mories
  • Derivatives from the following FaMorie Artists: FourLeafClover, Dr. Grinspoon, Amorphous Ant, Rexhanif, Papa, Fel Yel, Theme, Heather Hz, Mowgli, Kuba, Piddle Quiz, Duhveed, PapiNono
  • Morie Neon Light (2x)

Long Time Holder Raffle

We want to celebrate and reward our longest holders a bit as well. We have compiled a list ourselves, but to make sure everyone is accounted for (we can't know about people transferring to cold wallets etc.), we are asking everyone who has held a Morie since October 2021 to fill out this dynoform. All long time holders will be entered into an exclusive raffle for a Morie.

Morie Memories

Too much has happened this year for any one Morie to remember. Help us remember some of your favorite moments and be entered to win a Morie! In our discord's #general chat, tell us about some of your favorite FaMorie recollections and experiences during this first year. Use #MorieMemories in your discord message to make sure your entry is counted!

Art Contest

Open to everyone! Submit original artworks of any medium. Post on twitter or in our discord with the #MorieArt tag and we'll be sure to find it! Art due by October 16th

Special Recognitions

While the raffles are a great way to reward the community at large, we also want to recognize a few specific community members who have gone above and beyond during this first year to make the FaMorie as special as it is. These three will be receiving a Samos Potion as thanks for all they do. Congrats and thank you!

Anpan, ETHDeFiance, and Miss Nguyen


Anpan has been a pillar of the community from the early days. Drawn in by the art he and his children shared an appreciation for, he naturally started building community with his Twitter presence, giveaways, and Spaces. Always leading with kindness, the FaMorie could not have a better role model for what this community stands for.


ETHDefiance is truly a stalwart. Always out on the forefront on Twitter, ready and happy to "make some noise" as he will tell you. The only thing that matches his kindness and enthusiasm is his consistency.

Miss Nguyen

Miss Nguyen's welcoming and genuine presence is an asset to any community. She has worked to make the FaMorie as welcoming and accessible as possible, welcoming many new women to the FaMorie. Her community led Twitter Spaces are always an uplifting place to connect and share.

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