!welcome Home, !fren.

If you spend more than 10 minutes in the #general chat of the CryptoMories Discord, you’re more than likely going to see the following GIF: 3 Mories standing in front of a giant doorway for just a moment before they throw it wide open to reveal a room full of… well, people.

Only one of the faces inside got covered with a joyful Morie. It’s pretty silly, actually, now that I think about it. I don’t know why I’ve never questioned it, really, until I started writing this right now. I think my mind’s eye can just see their warmth and recognize, “Oh, they’re ‘FaMorie’.”

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The magical command !welcome summons these smiling faces. But it wasn’t always that way or that easy.

For my first month or two in the FaMorie (I bought my first Morie October 28th, 2021), I used to scroll through the disorganized chaos of cat pictures, screenshots, and JPEGs in my camera roll to find that GIF every time someone new arrived to our Discord and shared, “I got my first Morie!” or “hey y’all, new here”. I don’t know how many minutes or hours of my life were spent scrolling through my phone to find that GIF each time, but eventually @stacy saved my sanity - and arguably months of my life - by adding in the command.

Shortly thereafter, she added the !fren command, and the following baby Mories can now race to embrace one another anytime someone casts that four letter spell.

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I’ve been watching it cast its magic for 6 months now, and I still smile every time I see it. Why?

In 3 words: Mories are kind.

In more: there is something magically humane and warm and intentional about the FaMorie that - despite trying to wrap my brain around it for almost half a year now - I still can’t properly explain or articulate. But I’ve been asked to write this blog post, so let me give it a go. Let’s start with a question I never thought I’d ask myself:

How on earth do these skeletons, devils, zombies, and robots somehow foster and nurture a community of creatives who genuinely care for one another’s wellbeing? And how does this ancient Latin phrase - “memento mori” - breathe new life into our Web3 world that calls us all to live more full and more lovingly by reminding us of our inevitable end? It is somehow a mystery to me, but one I’m happy to continue trying to solve alongside my FaMorie.

This community has time and time again somehow found a way to bring out the best in people. Speaking personally, thanks to the FaMorie I have made some major strides in my own wellness journey. I’m now 4 months sober, I’m meeting with a therapist, and I’m creating art and music with joy again. It has been a long time coming for all of those transformations to commence, and this little home in Web3 has surrounded me with people who push me and support me to be my best self. I’ll be grateful, always, to the CryptoMories - to all of you who make up the FaMorie - for starting me on this path.

Whether watching acts of kindness manifest right before my eyes on Discord like when somebody gifts a Morie (Hex) or helps counsel someone struggling with a personal strife (PiddleQuiz), or spending time on Spaces with members of the FaMorie new and old (and sometimes quite late at night for me!) who share their ‘alpha’ or more importantly their playlists (s/o Guzzi Radio), or even admiring the incredible artwork and talent that exists within our community and plasters our Twitter feeds (too many to name!), one refrain seems to echo through it all: Mories are kind.

There is a joy to being in the FaMorie, and I can say that while the Web3 world will continue evolving and changing and swirling around us, we hope that the CryptoMories can continue to be an oasis of joy and kindness for you all, a home in Web3. This project has and will continue to help many people begin their Web3 journey with kindness and community and fun. Whether you’ve been here since day one, just arrived at our doorstep, or you’ve left to go on some other exciting adventure calling you more at this time, we hope you’ll always know that you’ll have a home with the FaMorie.

We hope that this FaMorie Room will help continue to bring us all together to have fun, to support one another, and to celebrate all the creativity goals we dream of and achieve.

!welcome Home, !fren.

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