CryptoMories x Impact Suite, art by zneb076

CryptoMories x Impact Suite

CryptoMories have partnered with Impact Suite to bring access to Mental Health service to all of Web3

Our Story

The CryptoMories focus on mental health came about organically. Our community practiced acceptance from the start, but when iwwon and the team shared their own mental health challenges of past and present, it inspired others in the community to be vulnerable with their own struggles. This naturally grew into our mission. This lead to our ground breaking partnership with Impact Suite to provide mental health services, including free tele-therapy, to all Morie holders and immediate family.

Our Mission

Being a pioneer is not about discovering something to keep for yourself. It’s about blazing a trail for others to follow. It’s also about pushing the boundaries and inspiring others to do better and be better people. We believe access to mental health service through Impact Suite can and will save lives. It is a utility that is bigger than us, and we want the concept of providing professional mental healthcare support to spread across the entire Web3 space.

Impact Suite can now partner with your project too, and we'd love to help you learn more about offering such an important utility to your community.

Impact Suite

Impact Suite provides a suite of comprehensive mental health and wellness apps. Making it possible to schedule a teletherapy appointments, message lifestyle coaches, tracking wellness metrics, access mindfulness and meditation practices, and more. All of which can be used anonymously, Impact Suite priortizes access to care and does not require any doxing information. Whether there is an specific mental health challange, or a general desire for self improvement and personal growth, Impact Suite has something for everyone.

Impact Suite app offerings


Contact Us

If you're interested in signing your project up for Impact Suite please fill out the form below and we'll get back quickly with more information on how you can bring Impact Suite to your community!